Tool Suspension System

NikoTrack Tool Suspension systems are an ergonomic approach to work station design. Using a tool balancer coupled with NikoTrack allows the user to comfortably use a tool, such as  pneumatic or electric drills, along a desired path or work flow.

Smooth Running Tool Suspension System

The tapered edges of NikoTrack’s profiles ensure that the trolley will run smoothly along the line, as well as prevent the trolley from rattling or binding through a bend or switch. NikoTrack offers a variety of festoon trolleys to provide the tool with power, either pneumatic or electric cables can be festooned. Alternatively conductor bar can be mounted next to the track to provide power.

Universal Suspension

A wide variety of available suspension brackets allows NikoTrack to be suspended from almost any existing structure, and also allows for simple designs for self-supported systems. NikoTrack tool suspension systems are also designed to be modular, which means that it is very easy to disassemble, relocate, or modify and expand any system with almost no materials wasted or scrapped.

Less Fatigue for Workers

A tool suspension system can add value to a production line by reducing fatigue in users. A well designed system will help to reduce the strain on operators arms and reduce repeated lifting and tool positioning. This is made possible by transferring the work expended in lifting and positioning to a mechanical tool balancer and the horizontal motion to an overhead tool suspension track makes. The benefits of a NikoTrack tool suspension system are clear; reducing fatigue will allow the user to be more efficient in their task, therefore increasing the productivity.

Good Enough for Porsche!

These show three different applications for NikoTrack products during the production of a new Porsche:

  • Sliding curtain track used to create curtain partition walls
  • Tool suspension system used to suspend various tool balancers
  • Hose festoon system used to supply air feed to the tool balancers

NikoTrack Products Used By Porsche

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