1. Remove Part Carts – Go Overhead Conveyor. Carts and pallets add clutter, create trip hazards and take up valuable floor space. By using an overhead conveyor you are using space that is otherwise wasted. Smart design of routes through processes and holding stations can aid the smooth flow of product throughout your facility.
  2. Efficient Flight Bar Design– Because racks are eliminated an efficient flight bar is key to moving and storing parts on the finishing line
  3. Use Modular Components – Using modular components allows for easy and simple expansion and modifications to the system. You can start with a simple system and add switches and turntables and parallel lines as you grow.
  4. Use No-Weld Components – Eliminating welding ensures a quicker install and coincides with the theme of modular components
  5. Reduce Foot Print – By reducing the foot print of a system valuable floor space becomes available
  6. Ensure Low maintenance –  Having robust engineered modular components makes maintaining a system simple and easy to repair
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How Nikotack Can Help You

  • NikoTrack has a hands-on approach to designing a conveyor system for a customer’s finishing needs.
  • Our first step is to design an efficient flight bar that will hold the largest percentage of parts required. If a system must accommodate larger/longer parts, NikoTrack has the ability to disperse the weight load on two flight bars that can also handle a longer part.
  • Once a flight bar has been designed it is used as a template on the design of the system and dictates measurements for maneuvering the parts through the finishing process. The finishing processes needed for each project can vary, so rarely are two systems exactly alike, although recurrent themes and material handling approaches are present.
  • NikoTrack has the ability to power sections of conveyor for flow through process, like IR ovens and automatic spray booths. These style conveyors most commonly have a loop design incorporated, sometimes with rescue spurs for QC or recoating. Some systems with longer process times, like batch ovens and cooling areas, are approached with compactness in mind to ensure the maximum part density in necessary areas.
  • NikoTracks’s drop lift systems enable the user to load/unload parts in a safe and controlled manner while being integrated into the conveyor, requiring no extra assistance from forklifts or scissor lifts.